Pup-Tent is a weekend for human pups, handlers and all those just interested in the pet play community to meet up and have fun! There are games, contests food, educational classes, dancing and more! So come on out and have some fun and meet new family! Of course there will always be the shenanigans of having more than one pup in the same place at the same time! All proceeds from Pup-Tent go to an LGBTQ+, charity so come help support our community also!

This event is open to everyone 21 years and older no matter what gender you identify as. Note: there is only one restroom and shower facility that will have to be shared by everyone.

A note from our producer:


Hello there my name is Wrench! Nice to meet you! After a successful second year lets try this again!!! Pup-Tent started as an idea drawn on the back of a napkin while having a few drinks with good friends. I wanted to create an event that pups can get together and be themselves. I attended my first mosh at IML in 2017 where I overheard pups making comments about other pups not being welcome. This deeply upset me and I wanted to have an event free of this. So Pup-Tent was born. Every year a charity is chosen to receive the proceeds of Pup-Tent. The past two years The Phoenix Center in Springfield IL has received the proceeds. Between the 2 years they have received over $3,000 dollars. This year will be a new charity yet to be decided on.

Want to send out a big thank you to Dawg Woodz Camp for all their support again this year!!!!!!

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